Entrepreneur Zone
How to set up your Industry - A step by step guide
In this Part we would take you through a step by step procedure on how to set up your unit in MIDC and the various Permissions that you need. For a list of approvals and clearances needed for a new project, please see the Entrepreneur Guide
Location of Industries
You will be able to locate your proposed industrial unit in most industrial areas of MIDC. However based on the nature of your activity, the product you plan to manufacture, and the process, the unit may not be permitted in some industrial areas due to Pollution Control regulations.
Grouping of Industrial Areas
All industrial areas are grouped into A, B, C, D & D+ groups depending upon the Taluka in which they fall.
Type / Category of industries Permitted in each industrial area
For your ready reference, we have indicated against each industrial area, the category of industrial unit (Red, Orange, Green) Permitted there.